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WABCO India’s Air Disc Brake To Improve Safety, Profitability

WABCO India’s Air Disc Brake To Improve Safety, Profitability

By T Murrali : One of the major advantages of autonomous driving will be reduction in accidents and fatalities. Globally about 1.3 million people die in road accidents every year, almost 3,200 deaths daily. Another 50 million people are injured or disabled. India accounts for one-eighth of the fatalities. One of the possible reasons is

Systemantics Promotes ‘Made in India’ Robots Among SMEs

By APA Bureau: The Bengaluru-based robotics firm Systemantics is on a mission to promote widespread adoption of industrial robots. The company develops and manufactures robots indigenously bringing down cost and simplifying user experience, through patented innovations, thereby increasing the return on investment. “We combine all the latest technologies in a way to make the life

Robots Begin To Rule Indian Shopfloors

By ShamPrasad: Automation in Indian vehicle manufacturing sector is very limited, and that too only to the assembly lines of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The component industry, mostly comprising small and medium enterprises, is poorly equipped with little automation even in high-precision operations. Automotive parts production in India is still a low-technology, labour-intensive affair.

Freudenberg On Track To Become Innovative, Diversified Tech Group

By T Murrali : The German family-owned Freudenberg with a range of products including house wares and cleaning products, automotive parts, textiles, building materials, and telecommunications, is on track to become an innovative broadly diversified global technology group. Freudenberg achieved sales growth of 13.5 percent to €8.6 billion in calendar 2016, based on the pro-rata

FEV Develops Competencies In India For Future Mobility

By APA Bureau: FEV Group, the internationally recognized powertrain and vehicle engineering company has been catering to the global transportation industry. FEV has the complete range of engineering services to support customers across the globe in the design, analysis, prototyping, powertrain and transmission development, vehicle integration, calibration and homologation for advanced internal combustion powertrains using

Opportunities Emerge From Digitalisation

By Sridhara Dharmarajan (Director and Country Manager of MSC Software Corporation India): Business landscapes are rapidly changing worldwide. Disruptive technologies that have the potential to upend industries faster than one can imagine are at play across verticals. Automotive and aerospace companies have been embracing new technologies and far-fetched ideas like autonomous cars, connected vehicles etc.

Cyber Security Challenges Of Driverless Cars

By Rajesh Mayura: Cars are an essential part of our everyday life, and are crucial to transporting thousands of commuters on a daily basis through busy towns and cities, and from one country to another. With `smart’ vehicles playing such a major role in our day-to-day lives, it is no surprise that semi- and fully-autonomous

Data Creation Is Key To Digitalization

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is all the rage in production these days. But, actual implementation of IIoT-based technologies comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. We bring you three success stories from our customers who implemented the AmiT – TPM-Trak, a manufacturing intelligence suite from the Ace Micromatic Group. They now reap

ACMA To Scale Up In Tune With OEMs For $200 Bn Production

The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) is the apex body representing the interest of the Indian Auto Component Industry. Its membership of over 750 manufacturers contributes more than 85 per cent of the auto component industry’s turnover in the organised sector. ACMA’s charter is to develop a globally competitive Indian Auto Component Industry

Dana To Expand Aftermarket In Middle East, N Africa

By Sharad Matade: The US-based Dana Incorporated, a worldwide supplier of drivetrain, sealing, and thermal-management technologies, will leverage its strong position in the original equipment space for its aftermarket business in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) . “We are already focusing on building the aftermarket in the MENA region for our Spicer brand, under