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Artificial IntelligenceTo Make Machines Trouble-free, Efficient

Artificial IntelligenceTo Make Machines Trouble-free, Efficient

By K Soundhar Rajhan: As the world is moving towards Industry 4.0, we at LMW are working with the emerging technologies to keep our products in line with the market demand. We intend to use technology to upgrade our facilities and increase the overall efficiency of the plant mainly in two ways. One is product upgradation

CitNOW To Expand Sales Network Beyond Europe

The UK-based CitNOW, a personal video presentation service dedicated to the automotive sector, is a series of simple-to-use apps which offer car dealerships worldwide the opportunity to run their business more profitably. CitNOW was started in the UK. It has have offices in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. There are over 3,000 dealers

Hyundai Releases DIY Android Auto Installation

Owners of a 2015 Sonata with Navigation can now get the Android Auto software update free of charge atMyHyundai.com (www.myhyundai.com). The software is also available for free at Hyundai dealerships nationwide. Hyundai is the only automaker to have Android Auto on production vehicles today, starting with the Sonata and soon expanding to other models. “This