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Autonomy Awakens AASA To New Roles

By APA Bureau The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), which represents the North American Aftermarket supplier industry, is recognised as one of the most prominent trade organizations in the US. It helps its members, the aftermarket suppliers, to be more profitable, innovative and competitive on a global scale. AASA, equipped to help aftermarket suppliers drive

Lubricants flow with times

Lubricant is a substance that is capable of reducing friction by making two moving surfaces smooth or slippery. It plays a vital role in optimising the conversion of energy sources to mechanical operations. Lubricants are used in different applications ranging from automotives to multitudes of industries and equipment.

Soured OEM Supply Ties

The global auto industry is set to witness a dramatic upturn with manufacturers readying to introduce new models with analysts forecasting a 40 percent rise over the next four years. Auto parts suppliers will face greater challenges, including shorter development cycles, which could offer new opportunities with the emergence of new global platform strategies by