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Automotive Engineering Show Goes Live

Automotive Engineering Show Goes Live

The 11th edition of Automotive Engineering Show Chennai went live this morning, showcasing new and evolving technology trends which can be adapted to create an efficient working environment on the factory shop floors. M.C. Sampath, Minister for Industries – Industries, Steel Control and Special Initiatives, Government of Tamil Nadu inaugurated the show that focused on

Omron booth at the Automation Show-2017

Advanced industrial automation provider Omron, exhibits innovative and futuristic solutions, including IIoT and robotics, at the ongoing Automation Show-2017 in Mumbai. The Omron booth, curated around the theme of Sensing and Control + Think, displays robotics, Sysmac Automation solution with IIoT, vision and traceability, motion control, smart panel and safety solutions at the show. “With

OMRON To Acquire The Leading Industrial Camera Maker – Sentech

OMRON Corporation today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Sentech Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of industrial cameras (HQ: Ebina, Kanagawa; hereinafter referred to as “ST”), to acquire ST and make ST and its subsidiaries members of the OMRON Group. This acquisition is part of OMRON’s drive to reinforce its development capabilities for

Omron unveils new Panel Solutions to enhance operational efficiency

Moving ahead with its product line expansion strategy, Omron Automation the global leader in sensing & control + think technology, has announced addition of upgraded panel solutions to its portfolio. The solutions endeavour to increase operational efficiency and address the need of cost saving at manufacturing sites by downsizing facilities or equipment. The solutions are

OMRON introduces Color Mark Sensor

Omron Automation, a leading solutions provider for the packaging industry, has introduced a new range of color mark sensors to enable the food and beverage makers with the right technology for stable detection of color marks on food packages. The sensors – Photoelectric Sensor E3S-DC Series (E3S-DC) and Color Fiber Amplifier Unit E3NX-CA Series (E3NX-CA)

OMRON introduces 200 oil-resistant components for automobile production lines

OMRON Corporation will introduce on July 1, 2016, two hundred models of “Environment-resistant Series Oil-resistant Components (hereinafter called the Oil-resistant Components)” including sensors and switches with enhanced durability to cutting oils*1 used on automobile production lines. The two hundred new models of the Oil-resistant Components cover the major devices for factory automation (hereinafter called FA devices)

OMRON Develops Onboard Sensor, Enabling Real-Time Detection of Driver’s Condition

OMRON Corporation announced on June 6 the development of the world’s first onboard sensor featuring “driver concentration-sensing technology,” which combines OMRON’s proprietary image-sensing technology with state-of-the-art AI (time-series deep learning (*)) to sense the driver’s various motions and conditions, and thereby determine if he/she is in a condition suitable for safe driving. With a view

Omron unveils ‘Total Tamper Detection Solution’ to address power theft

Omron, the world leader in sensing & control technologies, announced the launch of its Total Tamper Detection Solution – world’s first of its kind – to address the national level concerns of power ‘theft’ in the electricity sector. Positioned as a revolutionary offering for Smart Energy Management, the solution has been unveiled by the company