Mercedes-Benz Pioneers ‘Fit & Healthy’ Project, Makes Comfort Intelligent

Mercedes-Benz is engaged in a pioneering `Fit & Healthy’ project designed to enhance the well-being of passengers. Hence, with the car of the future Mercedes-Benz is supporting an active and healthy lifestyle with intelligent comfort solutions.
Alongside a workplace and private environment, the vehicle interior is increasingly becoming a `third place’, a living and relaxation area in which passengers can enjoy contemporary luxury and intelligent comfort. Thanks to intelligent data connectivity, adaptive comfort and infotainment systems can reduce tiredness or stress to suit the particular situation, such as with the option to select a stress-free route on the navigation system. The following comfort systems and solutions are conceivable New-type seat massages; stimulating or relaxing music to suit the driver’s mood and traffic conditions; matching climate control, including fragrancing and suitable ambience lighting. With Mercedes me, the package of innovative services, products and lifestyle offers from Mercedes-Benz, Daimler and its cooperation partners, `Fit & Healthy’ can also be experienced beyond the vehicle.
A later stage of development will also include assistance from safety and assistance systems. This connectivity can result in a recommendation to the passengers to take a power nap. The navigation system can advise them of a suitable rest area. The previously described comfort systems would help first to relax the passengers and then to stimulate them again.

Links With Philips

The importance of innovative and integrated wearable solutions in the Mercedes Benz of tomorrow is underlined by the strategic cooperation between Daimler AG and Philips, a leading provider in the field of healthcare technology. The aim is to advance wearable-based data acquisition in vehicles with consideration of high data protection standards in a joint research project with series production in the near future.
“Our vision is that Mercedes-Benz drivers should arrive at their destination feeling better and fitter than when they got into the vehicle. We focus on our customers’ well-being. We want to give them the kind of assistance they are entitled to expect from Mercedes-Benz, “O la Källenius, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, said.
According to Anke Kleinschmit, Head of Group Research at Daimler, “Our ambition is typical of Mercedes-Benz A car that meets the individual needs of our customers. There is a close correlation between safety and well-being. A person who feels safe feels better, and a person who feels well drives more safely.”
“’Fit & Healthy’ means more than mental well-being and bodily health. Enjoyment and attentiveness are other important components. We can assist our customers by enabling them to enjoy their freedom, such as the time they spend in their car, to the maximum and to harness their own potential.” Goetz Renner, Project Manager `Fit & Healthy’, said.

Concept Vehicle

With the `Fit & Healthy’ concept vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Mercedes-Benz has given a peek into the holistic concept as well as some specific features. In the concept vehicle, which is based on a Mercedes-Maybach S Class, visitors to the CES could experience the intelligent comfort of tomorrow Regeneration and activation are two of the worlds of experience that can assist the car’s passengers with regeneration or activation of both body and mind.
The worlds of experience are both cognitive and sensory in many dimensions of perception. With 4D Sound, as it is called, sound is converted by acoustic transducers, known as exciters, into mechanical motion, and so transformed into a physical sound experience.


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