Excels In After-Sales Service

In an exclusive interaction with Autoparts Asia, P.K Shah, Executive Vice President, Desma India, explained the technologically advanced after-sales service system of the company.

Q: How do you help your customers improve equipment efficiency to increase machine availability, product capability and quality capability?

Shah: We are into customised production of rubber molding machines. In some cases, we handle even mass customisation. For instance, if there are several machines in the manufacturing line, each machine in the line can be customised. We have introduced latest technologies, with the intelligent combination of hardware and software having many aspects of efficient operational processes integrated with our control system.

Q: How do you support after-sales service when you have mass customisation?

Shah: After-sales support is important in any business. Our objective is to address issues, if any, at the earliest. We have remote e-service system and we call it REMOS allowing our service engineer to connect the diagnose machine remotely from our customer care department. This is offered in two options.

Q: Can you explain REMOS?

Shah: As I indicated to you, we offer REMOS in different options – one with configured router to be installed on customers’ machine and through internet the machine is connected to the Desma service platform; whenever we want to connect with the machine we do it with customers’ authentication through internet. In this case we need support from the customer to get connected and act. The second option will use cellular network with SIM installed and configured on router of the machine; the machine with authentication from customer can be dialled without using customers’ Ethernet network, from our customer care department and connect to our service platform.

Q: When can your customer in India expect this system?

Shah: Currently this kind of infrastructure is available in Germany and USA. In the near future depending upon the demand in local market we can have our own infrastructure in India. This independent system will help us to connect, trouble shoot, monitor and upgrade machines remotely 24 X 7 from our local customer care department.


Q: What are the other options that you have to support after-sales service? Do you have any system for preventive maintenance?

Shah: We have come out with a clever combination of hardware and software – the Desma SmartDevice. This device forms the basis of SmartConnect 4.U products and can easily be retrofitted at any time in existing machines. This enables to connect individual machines via mobile communications and two or more machines via LAN. A connection to the Desma central server is also possible through activation. The system will enable customer’s access to the interactive Desma support range due to the extensive availability and usage of information technology.

Q: What about replenishing regular consumables?

Shah: Any machine will have a lot of consumables like regular and special spare parts. Our integrated spare part management system ensures faster proposals on the need for parts and on maintenance implementation. Our principals in Germany have also developed Desma SmartShop a internet procurement site for spare parts. SmartShop has simple search function for part numbers and machine specific spare part manual. Potentially failing parts automatically displayed and a timely ordering process triggers when integrated with SmartRemain.

Q: Does Desma offer machine on wheels?

Shah: We are yet to think of machine on wheels concept for our equipment since they are heavy. Normally our machines do not need any kind of foundation; there are no rigid fixtures to commission them on the floor. They can be moved, but requires some material handling support.


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