MapmyIndia To Facilitate Autonomous Driving

By ShamPrasad

The rapid pace of digitalisation, which brings about a paradigm shift in safety and automation in the automotive industry, creates several opportunities for players in the fields of navigation and telematics.
MapmyIndia, which builds and provides the most advanced maps of India and the best GPS-based IoT (‘Internet of Things’) devices optimised for in-vehicle and personal navigation and tracking, plans to expand its horizon to take advantage of these emerging opportunities. “For the last 10 years we have been driving forward in technology around navigation and the telematics,” Rohan Verma, Executive Director & Chief Technical Officer of MapmyIndia, said.
The Gurgaon-based company is looking at safety and autonomous driving as the key growth drivers. “Autonomous driving is the big thing in the automotive industry. And that cannot be achieved without mapping the country with high resolution technology,” Verma said. One needs to have the real view – 360 degree, 3D vision of the roads, with obstacles, curvature and everything else – to execute the vision of safety and autonomy, he said.
The company, which works with leading OEMs such as BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Mahindra, Tata and Maruti is making efforts to exploit the potential in the fleet ownership segment. With the rise of e-commerce, logistics, car and bike rental services, the need to track vehicles have grown. This has unleashed immense opportunities in the area of telematics, according to Verma.
“Individual ownership of vehicle is expected to go down. Majority of growth is expected from the commercial industry,” he said. The necessity for a vehicle owner to know the whereabouts, health and diagnosis of wear and tear has been the growth driver for telematics in the automotive sector.

Rover Bike

In line with this emerging sector, MapmyIndia recently launched Rover Bike, an IoT device for motorbikes. It is a comprehensive solution that offers a connected biking experience. This GPS tracker for bike is powered by MapmyIndia’s proprietary maps and location technologies and comes equipped with built-in GPS and internet connectivity. Users get a free accompanying mobile app that keeps them connected with the bike.
Owners can get live locations of the motorbike on a map, down to building-level detail, with direction as well as speed. The drives are continuously and securely monitored and recorded. They get also the option of the animated replay of their previous rides.
This security system ensures safety, security, compliance and maintenance of the motorbike. It alerts and provides information related to ignition on/off, over-speeding, idling, breach of geo-fence (leaving from or arriving at a particular location), servicing, pollution, insurance expiry date etc. through the mobile app, email and SMS. Users can store important documents, Driving License, Registration Certificate, Insurance Policy and Pollution Certificate etc, electronically in their app. They can also see the expected time of arrival, get turn- by- turn directions to their bike when they are away or have parked it, share the current location of the vehicle, and simultaneously monitor multiple bikes – location and movement on the map.

Car Tracking Device

DriveMate, a plug-and-play car tracking device, launched by the company last year, connects to the car via the vehicles OBD-II port which is usually found beneath the steering wheel. It has built-in GPS and Internet connectivity, which works in conjunction with MapmyIndia’s maps and monitors the car’s location and transmits it to the owner’s smartphone via a Drivemate app available across Android, iOS, Windows and web platforms. It can also be integrated with a range of third party apps.
The system records driver behaviour such as harsh braking, acceleration, over-speeding and vehicle misuse and alerts the owner via the app. Additionally, it provides information about the car’s insurance expiry and service schedules. Owners can use this device to monitor multiple cars on their mobile phone. Apart from the automotive industry the company has services for FMCG, telecom and other sectors. The company has recently devised a Digital Address System that replaces the postal address with a unique, verified, six-character alphanumeric code. Known as eLoc, MapmyIndia has fed 20 million eLoc on the map and is being used by government agencies.
The firm expects a five-fold increase in revenue touching Rs 1,000 crore over the next five years. “In 2017-18 we will focus on getting to adopt more and more products,” Verma said.

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