Continental introduces cutting-edge brake technology MK C1

Continental has developed its electronic brake solution MK C1 targeted to the additional requirements of highly automated driving. As the MK C1 is a by-wire system, which offers a particularly fast, precise and autonomous pressure build-up, it is ideally suited for automated driving. To achieve the requirements of braking redundancy, Continental has combined the MK C1 with a derivative of the MK 100 ESC. In normal operation mode, the MK C1 unit provides all braking, stability and comfort functions. The hydraulic pressure simply passes through the MK 100 Hydraulic Brake Extension (HBE). In order to ensure 100 percent availability at all time the MK 100 HBE performs frequent self-tests. Cooperative mode maximizes the availability of braking functions, the company said.

“We have used our broad braking technology expertise to design an enabling solution for the next practical step towards automated driving for several of our customers. The MK C1 for highly automated driving makes cutting-edge brake technology available to a new application with new challenges,” said Felix Bietenbeck, Head of the Vehicle Dynamics business unit at the Continental Chassis and Safety Division.

The MK C1 is Continental’s latest innovative brake system which has been in production since 2016.

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