Greater road safety with Continental’s personalised light effects

Continental has created an innovative further development of its surface materials to increase road safety. The integration of light effects in decorative surfaces for vehicle interiors is an important milestone, the company claims. This will be useful for electrified and autonomous mobility.

Describing the potential of the translucent Acella Hylite trim material, Jens Jünemann, head of the Surface Identity department at Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group within the Continental Corporation, said that varying light sources integrated in surfaces enable personalised color adaptation.

“In the event of fatigue or dangerous traffic situations, a change in the color of the surfaces could increase the driver’s awareness level again. Translucent materials are expected to play an important role in electrified and autonomous mobility concepts in the future,” he added. Continental will be presenting its concept for further developing smart surface materials at the IAA 2017 show in Frankfurt.

Translucent surface materials are the key to personalising and adding functions to soft surfaces in vehicle interiors. Light-permeable materials offer the ability to create new potentials for light designs using various types of lighting, putting the focus on both the materials themselves and their surroundings.

If surface materials are combined with various lighting technologies, the background lighting, for example, can adapt to circadian rhythms, weather conditions and ambient light levels, while the accent lighting can use light colors and intensities to generate moods. The driver’s and front seat passenger’s areas and the back of the car can also be illuminated individually.

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