TempoGO wins International startup competition

TempoGO, an IoT and SaaS fleet management platform for the transportation sector, has won the international startup competition held by Singapore-based investment platform Startup-O. As many as 59 ventures from 11 countries have participated in the competition. TempoGO received $2,50,000 investment from Javelin Startup-O Victory Fund, a Singapore-based seed fund.

“TempoGO is one of our earliest investments in the Indian market and adds a new dimension to our diversified portfolio that spans across South-East Asia. The experienced team, early traction and a big market opportunity make us excited to work together for the next phase of growth,” says Steve Davies, CEO Javelin Wealth.

TempoGO has also raised additional funding from NB Ventures of Dubai and the $7 million Series A for HealthifyMe. TempoGO’s total seed funding has reached over $ 1.35 million (Rs 90 million), which includes funding from K2 Capital of Hong Kong.

“TempoGO resonated with our platform experts and proved itself worthy of victory. Our proposition is in tune with the ongoing disruption in the smart vehicles space,” says Anuj Jain, Co-founder and CEO of Startup-O.

Pranav Shirke, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, TempoGO said: “TempoGO has been revenue positive since inception and we have been growing our revenues month-on-month by 50% to 100% in this financial year. We expect to double it again within the next two quarters”