Continental to display new battery charging systems for EVs at CES

Continental will be demonstrating two new battery charging systems for electric vehicles (EV) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from January 9 to 12, 2018 in Las Vegas the US. The automatic wireless charging system transfers charging power inductively, hence drivers no longer have to grapple with a cable. This system is accompanied by a new Continental micro navigation solution that allows the vehicle to be positioned precisely over the ground-based charging pad.

The second innovative system from Continental – AllCharge – has the potential to revolutionize cable-based charging. The AllCharge system eliminates the driver apprehension of finding a compatible charging station. AllCharge technology can utilize any charging point, whatever the charging rate, type of current or voltage level. AllCharge offers a further advantage as it allows the EV to double as a mobile power bank capable of supplying AC power off-board without the need for additional equipment, the company said.

“Continental offers an unrivalled range of charging technologies developed on the basis of our extensive cross-divisional know-how. The innovative technologies we are showcasing at CES will make charging an electric vehicle simpler, more convenient and more efficient. This means that the widely discussed issue of range anxiety will soon become largely irrelevant. Additionally, to bring additional features to the consumer, our AllCharge system gives electric vehicles the added utility to serve as a mobile energy source,” said Brian McKay, Director Powertrain Technology & Innovation, Continental North America.


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