Tata sells two million Ace trucks

The Tata Ace has crossed the milestone of two million vehicle sales in 12 years. Introduced in 2005, Tata Ace introduced the concept of mini-truck in India.

“Leading the market with a 65% market share, the Tata Ace has proven to be the most versatile small commercial vehicle in the industry. From catering to the emerging needs of last mile transportation to upholding the Government’s vision of Swacch Bharat Mission for cleaner India, and contributing to the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana by facilitating deliveries of gas cylinders to the households, the Tata Ace with its numerous customized variants has become an integral part of India’s rural and urban development story,” said Girish Wagh, Head, Commercial Vehicle Business, Tata Motors.

Designed and developed for enhancing customer experience and maximizing revenues of the transport operators, the Tata Ace has always been an all-rounder in this segment, helping the operator elevate their business. The Tata Ace offers superior safety, versatile performance in varied conditions, ease of maintenance, comfort and cost-effectiveness to its customers.

The Ace platform has so far produced about 15 offerings, based on Engine type, engine power & body configurations. The Ace family comprises of brands like Ace, Zip, Mega and Mint for SCV cargo and Magic, Mantra and Iris for passenger movement in rural and urban areas. Tata Motors currently has over 1800 service points and a workshop on average at every 62 Km.


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