WABCO to supply AMT technology to a global OEM

WABCO Holdings has entered into a new long-term agreement to supply its latest automated manual transmission (AMT) valve technology for a European truck and bus manufacturer. The company also provides production and supply chain capabilities that are in close proximity to the customer which plans to produce new gearbox and transmissions.

WABCO’s AMT technology enables efficient, the cost-effective automatic shift of gears and controls clutch actuation for commercial vehicles. Besides, it can improve fuel economy through optimised gear shifting.

“This agreement represents new incremental business for WABCO and reflects the value our customers globally place on AMT. WABCO’s technology leadership in Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) offers multiple benefits to our clients, including a reduction in fuel costs and increased safety and driver comfort,” said Jorge Solis, WABCO President, Truck, Bus and Car Original Equipment Manufacturers Division.

WABCO AMT solutions can enable drivers to focus further attention on road and traffic conditions, resulting in increased comfort and safety. It has sold with more than four million AMT systems till date.


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