AVTEC Launches HD Transmissions For Mining, Oil Field Applications

By APA Bureau:

AVTEC, one of the largest independent manufacturers of powertrain and precision engineered products, has introduced, a 1,200 hp heavy duty transmission, ideal for 100T mining dump truck and oil field applications.
The new product named AH8700 has been designed and developed at its in-house tech centre at Hosur, Tamil Nadu. It has been validated in the harshest of Indian conditions and has unique features that ensure reduced cycle time with seven forward speeds and one reverse speed, improved fuel efficiency with lock-up clutch arrangement and better gradeability with optimum step ratio for effective torque utilization. AH8700 provides durable and reliable performance for mining vehicles and oil field applications with minimum maintenance, resulting in faster work cycles and extended service intervals.
Deepak Kumar Hota, Chairman and Managing Director of BEML, who formally launched AH8700 at EXCON 2017 in Bengaluru, said, “AVTEC has been a partner of BEML for more than three decades now. We congratulate AVTEC for launching this new product and wish them success in all their future endeavours. We look forward to have a continued relationship with AVTEC in the years to come.”
Prabhakar Kadapa, CEO and Managing Director AVTEC, said, “We are committed to delivering an array of advanced products and setting global benchmarks in reliability and efficiency for the off-highway industry. The introduction of this product will help us tap into the huge potential of the Indian as well as global mining and oilfield market.”
With all OEMs working diligently towards designing and manufacturing vehicles compliant with the latest emission norms, the use of electronically-controlled engines and transmissions is the need of the market. AVTEC understands this need and has introduced indigenously developed electronically controlled transmissions providing data controlled mechanism, enhanced system efficiency and reliability, he said.
AVTEC’s home-grown electronic controls, Hauling Automatic Transmission System (HATS) brings revolutionary controls with flawless communication between the engine and other systems. It deploys a real-time micro control unit with a math-optimized core, integrated with powerful peripherals facilitating high system efficiency, reliability, and flexibility.

Off-highway Transmissions

As a leading supplier of high-precision cycling and hauling transmission aggregates and components for the off-highway industry, AVTEC serves a broad array of applications in construction, material handling, mining, oil field and wind turbine applications.
The company’s Hosur plant in Tamil Nadu manufactures transmission aggregates and components, both automatic and power-shift, for cycling and hauling applications. The Chennai plant is an export- oriented unit manufacturing heavy duty transmission components for Global OEMs.
Its in-house tech centre at Hosur has the capability to design and develop, proto building, testing, validation and value-added application engineering complemented with the expertise in developing and managing the complete supply chain
It is also a leading OEM supplier of products for construction and material handling equipment industry like automatic and power-shift cycling transmissions, transfer cases, splitter gearboxes and PTOs that cater to applications like Wheel Loaders, Transit Mixers, Self-Loading Concrete Mixers, Concrete boom pumps, forklifts and many more.
AVTEC oil field equipment transmissions work in oil field applications like work over rig, drilling rig, well simulation services, mud pump, etc. The product range includes transmissions suitable for 445 HP to 1200 HP hauling and oil field applications.
The Splitter gearbox and PTOs, designed by the company are suitable for fitting to diesel engines to power several hydraulic pumps or attachments. These gearboxes allow power transfer to two to six pumps or attachments with many different ratios enabling the right speed to be obtained for all of them.
For the changing industry dynamics and requirements,it has developed products for the metro infrastructure and for wind turbines


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