Continental crosses landmark; produces 100 million MAPPS

The Dortmund facility of Continental has produced 100 millionth magnetic passive position sensor (MAPPS). Developed in 1995-96, this has been producing in Dortmund since 2001. The MAPPS is a central element in high-quality systems for gaging the fill level in the fuel tank. Almost all premium manufacturers use the sensor and the annual demand is growing to over 15 million units.

It is used to gauge the fill level in the vehicle tank and is currently the only system of this type that offers a leakproof seal and is corrosion-proof.

“The MAPPS continues to impress new customers who have used other systems in the past. As a result, almost all premium manufacturers have now switched over to Continental’s sensor system. Robust products form the basis of our commercial success, even in the era of digitalization and electrification,” said Dr Markus Distelhoff, Head of the Continental Fuel & Exhaust Management business unit in Dortmund.

Production of the high-tech sensor is a sensitive, challenging process and still takes place exclusively in Dortmund. Due to the ever-increasing demand, a second production line was set up here years ago.