Brakes India unveils lighter and safer hydraulic brakes

Brakes India has unveiled the LCV hydraulic assisted disc brake system at the Auto Expo 2018. It not only improves braking stability and life which is critical in buses but also lowers the weight of the braking system significantly which provides a Return on Investment (RoI) to the end customer.

“Light commercial vehicles in India with over 7-ton GVW typically adopt pneumatic brake systems to provide adequate braking. Brakes India with its advanced engineering capability has developed an actuation system called the Unibooster to extend hydraulic brakes up to 10 tonnes. This coupled with hydraulic disc brakes and hydraulic ABS provides the end user with a very optimized solution on safety, stability and performance, while also reducing the overall vehicle weight significantly”, says Badri Vijayaraghavan, Executive Director – Business Development at Brakes India.

While the hydraulic system provides a very cost-effective solution, the lower number of components allows for reduced weight and the disc brake provides greater stability even at high speeds and low or no fade coupled with a higher pad life.

Brakes India, ZF showcase future technologies

Brakes India and JV partner ZF are showcasing future technologies and products at the Auto Expo 2018. Brakes India unveiled integrated brake control, radar, and camera products.
Integrated Brake Control– To meet the future requirements of low vacuum or vacuum-less braking systems as electrification of the powertrain increases, the integrated brake control (IBC) is a non- vacuum, integrated electro-hydraulic brake apply control unit which replaces the electronic stability control, vacuum booster, and vacuum pump (where needed), associated cables, sensors, switches and controllers.
Radar– AC1000 is a fourth-generation 77GHz forward-looking radar that enables vehicle and pedestrian detection features and helps to meet 2016+ Euro NCAP 5-star ratings.
Mono-camera– The single lens front camera, S-Cam3 is a compact, high-performance, third-generation camera that helps to meet 2016+ Euro NCAP test requirements. It includes advanced object recognition technology with a Mobile EyeQ3 image processor and vision algorithms, combined with ZF’s longitudinal and lateral vehicle control algorithms for functions such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and lane keeping assistance.
Tri-cam– The Tri-cam forward camera delivers long-range and short/wide object detection for premium and semi-automated applications. This camera has best-in-class optical performance with a fisheye lens for optimum short-range object detection and a telephoto lens for long-range object detection up to 300 m.


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