Lohia Auto launches e-Auto

Lohia Auto Industries, the automobile division of Lohia Global, has launched ‘Comfort E-Auto HS’, high-speed E-Auto with Lithium-Ion battery at Auto Expo 2018. The Comfort E Auto HS, which can run up to 30km/hr speed, was designed and developed indigenously by R&D Team of Lohia Auto and rolled out commercially in a phased manner. It is priced at Rs 1,49,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

“Innovation and affordability, these two thoughts are always on the forefront while we design any new product. After having a significant success in keeping the electric vehicle moment alive, we are now geared up to take the brand to next pedestal by adding more value to the products in terms of speed, power, technology and reach. The world is moving towards electric so as India and Lohia together,” said Ayush Lohia CEO, Lohia Auto.

The new vehicle comes with a D+4 passengers seating and load capacity of 40 kg. It will offer a mileage of over 80 km. This model utilizes Li-ion battery which has a capacity of 78 AH. The charger is compact and easy to use and comes with 48V-40A Multi stages SMPS Charger. It has an electric start and analog speedometer. It has a front shock absorber and the rear shock absorber comprises of leaf spring plus hydraulic. It has a ground clearance of 235 mm, the company said.


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