An interactive tyre from Pirelli

Pirelli has introduced its Cyber Car technology at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show. It enables the tyre to directly interact with the car’s onboard electronics and with driver assistance systems, delivering important information about the car’s operation to ensure a safer drive with enhanced performance. The new system will be in the market by 2018-end.

The Cyber Car is the latest application of Pirelli’s Cyber Technologies platform launched in 2002 with the aim of providing maximum integration between tyres, cars and drivers.

Placing sensors on the tyres is an integral part of Pirelli’s Perfect fit strategy. It also includes the P Zero Color Edition and the development of specific tyres for individual cars, denoted by special markings on the sidewalls.

“Pirelli’s Cyber systems are based on a sensor placed on the inside of the tyre connected to the Pirelli Cloud. This sensor, which weighs just a few grams, monitors the operating status of every tyre and transmits the data to an electronic control unit. The information collected is delivered to an app, in the case of Pirelli Connesso, or to the car’s onboard systems as well as an app, in the case of Cyber Car. Pirelli Cyber Technologies use specific systems to talk directly to the driver (with Pirelli Connesso), or to fleet managers (with Cyber Fleet), or to both car manufacturers and drivers at the same time (with Cyber Car),” the company said.

Key tyre data, such as pressure, internal temperature and tread depth are among the parameters that Cyber Car can transmit to the vehicle. The system also has the capability to intervene and activate systems such as ABS and stability control. Cyber Car also informs the driver, through the carmaker’s interface, about the standard operating parameters of the tyre, such as vertical load, temperature and pressure, which allows timely intervention if the pressures are wrong.

According to the company, Cyber Tyre system will be the next technological evolution. The tyre of the future, based on a technical platform, will be capable of collecting even more data, transmitting information to the car’s onboard systems with every rotation of each wheel.

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