Continental protects vehicles from hacker attacks

Technology company Continental uses cybersecurity technology to ensure comprehensive protection against possible hacker attacks on both: safety-relevant vehicle components and in production plants.

“Our experts are working to bring security to the next level and safeguard our systems against hacker attacks. This depends on the production security in our plants, which we are also working on. The first production lines have already been equipped to integrate cybersecurity functions into the products. Security affects every single vehicle component, which is why not only communication interfaces need to be protected but also – and especially – safety components such as brakes systems need to be too,” said Felix Bietenbeck, Head of the business unit Vehicle Dynamics at Continental.

Cryptographic processes for a safety-relevant system have been implemented for the first time in the latest brake system, the MK C1. Continental is strengthening all possible points of attack and implementing cyber security solutions on multiple levels and layers.

All future products from Continental – including the MK C1 – will contain cryptographic functions that can be used to introduce security keys. These keys are generated individually for each product, which ensures maximum security because even if one car is hacked, a second one is still protected. “The keys can be used for various operations and cannot be read externally – just like the PIN for your smartphone,” explained Dennis Kutschke, Cyber Security program manager at Continental.

Continental has also introduced an incident response management system developed with the expertise of the Israeli startup Argus Cyber Security. This solution will ensure that millions of cars can instantly be upgraded to the latest security level without having to visit the auto repair shops. Continental is also utilizing this knowhow to support OEMs in all matters relating to cybersecurity.

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