Pricol Telematics Devices get ARAI certification

Automotive components manufacturer Pricol Limited has received the ARAI certification for telematics devices. The certification comes under AIS 140 regulation aimed at introducing intelligent transport system in India, required for making roads safer.

The device offers additional features which OEMs can integrate across vehicles such as buses, trucks and passenger vehicles and accessories like RFID readers, Fuel level sensors, etc. It is designed to meet the new safety regulation mandatory from April 1, 2018, The additional IP addressing makes vehicle data available to OEM’s for their own applications.

“With the new ARAI certification, we at Pricol believe that our AIS-140 telematics system will do much to enable India’s safety mission of encouraging safer public transport systems. Pricol is already working with several OEMs to fit, integrate and test the certified telematics device in various vehicles. This will equip the OEMs to be Market ready when the regulation comes into effect by April 1, 2018,” said Vikram Mohan, Managing Director, Pricol Limited.

Pricol’s telematics devices find presence in the sectors such as Automotive OEMs (Off High Way Vehicles, Trucks, and Tractors etc), Ambulances, Industrial, Logistics etc.

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