Hyundai launches ‘HyBUY’ for XCENT

Hyundai Motor India has launched the third phase of the digital marketing campaign ‘HyBUY’ for ‘Hyundai XCENT’ from April 10 to May 10, 2018. It will engage Hyundai customers through a unique social media buying experience and in the process offering benefits over and above the prevailing market offer.

“Our first ever HyBUY initiative, launched in 2017 has set a benchmark in digital marketing and redefined customer engagement by benefitting them through their social media network. We received an overwhelming response from customers with over 19 Lakh HyBUY site visits with 6.25 Lakh people reached out through HyBUY shares on Facebook. We are extremely enthusiastic about launching the third phase of HyBUY for Hyundai XCENT,” said Puneet Anand, Sr. General Manager & Group Head, Marketing, Hyundai Motor India.

The first 250 XCENT buyers will receive attractive benefits over and above the market offer. The retails offering benefits up to 1 – 99 – Amazon Echo Dot, 1 – 249 – Amazon Echo Dot+ Underbody Coating and 1 – 250- Amazon Echo Dot+ Underbody Coating + Exterior Beautification + one lucky winner will get a chance to go to Disneyland, Hong Kong with family.

The HyBUY initiative requires a customer to sign in on the website . The customer can avail benefits by depositing a token amount and gain rewards on sharing this deal with his/her friends and family to participate in this program.

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