Axalta Partners with Sehgal Foundation in India

Axalta Coating Systems has formed a three-year partnership with SM Sehgal Foundation (Sehgal Foundation) for a proposed soil and water conservation project in the semi-arid, drought-hit district of Alwar, Rajasthan in India. The joint project, which engages the local community in soil and water conservation awareness, aligns well with Axalta’s sustainability principle.

In the next three years, three ponds will be developed in the region. A pond is expected to have a 10,000 kilolitre capacity to collect and store rainwater to support local farming, animal husbandry and eco-services. In addition, the project will also carry out tree planting to prevent soil erosion, provide shade and fodder to animals, and revive the area which has a biodiversity of about 12,000 wild species of flora and home to wild animals.

“We are proud to partner with Sehgal Foundation in this worthwhile initiative of water and soil conservation in one of the remotest and worst affected areas of India. This project with Sehgal Foundation gives Axalta a valuable opportunity to make a small progressive step to enable better livelihood for the community where we do business,” said Charles Shaver, Chairman and CEO of Axalta Coating Systems.

“The project to increase surface water availability in the region will bring a change for the better to the lives of the local community. Now, there is a possibility to improve their income from animal husbandry with more water available. In addition, improvement in soil moisture, green coverage, and fodder availability are all very well possible through the pond development,” said Ajay Pandey, CEO, Sehgal Foundation.

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