SEG Auto Ready For e-Mobility Transition

By APA Bureau:

SEG Automotive is closely linked to the history of the automobile. Having made the transformation from the BOSCH Starter Motors & Generators division in 2018, the company stands for more than a century of innovations in this product sector: from the very first generators and starter motors to Start/Stop to mild hybridization.
SEG Automotive offers its customers components and technologies that effectively and measurably reduce CO2 emissions. “SEG Automotive is actively shaping the automobile industry’s journey from the combustion engine to electrification. With 16 locations in the most important automobile markets in the world and over 8,000 employees, the company offers a network that guarantees the highest level of engineering and production expertise worldwide – from Europe to Asia to the Americas. Most of the automotive OEMs worldwide rely on SEG Automotive’s tailored solutions like Boost Recuperation Machine, starter motors and generators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles,” Hans-Joachim Kuppel, Board Member, Chief Sales Officer, SEG Automotive Germany GmbH, said at the recently concluded Auto Expo.
The Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM), an “upgrade” from a conventional generator, transforms a combustion engine into a hybrid drive with minimal effort. BRM takes the place of the 12-volt generator. Since it operates as a 48-volt mild hybrid, there is no need for complex and expensive high-voltage protection systems or wiring harnesses.
SEG Automotive India has been growing rapidly since establishing itself more than 25 years ago. “We are a leading supplier of starter motors and generators in India and we have broad product portfolio that caters to the needs of all market segments for Indian OEMs: passenger car, commercial vehicles, three wheelers, off-highway and stationary applications,” he said.
SEG India has its manufacturing plants in Bangalore, Chennai and Hassan. Through regional offices and warehouses across India the company remains close to its customers.
“We have a very strong local R&D working together with our lead engineering in Germany, which develops products that fit the Indian market and supports Indian customers in product application. Our products are known for their high level of reliability, quality and their technological leadership. India, as an important and growing market, will remain central to our international strategy,” Anil Kumar M R, Managing Director, SEG Automotive India Private Ltd, said.
“We welcome the push towards e-mobility in India and the leading role India is taking in electrification. It is our goal to contribute to reduce CO2 emissions from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to address the challenge of climate protection – globally and across all drive technologies,” he said.
Electrification will happen, though not overnight and not all over the world at the same time. There are strong drivers – above all an increasing rethink in the political sector and global community, as well as the necessity for automotive manufacturers to reduce their fuel consumption to keep pace with the tightened legislation on CO2 emissions.
There are several obstacles that slow down the mass adoption of electric vehicles, including the fact that although many customers consider electric cars a sensible proposition, they hesitate to buy them. This may be because of the higher purchase costs, the charging time and the inadequate vehicle charging infrastructure.
SEG Automotive is well positioned for the transition to e-mobility. For application cases in city traffic – electric scooters or rickshaws, for example – it offers full, 48-volt electrification through the Boost Recuperation Machine.
“At the same time, we are meticulously preparing our product range for a market that is characterized even more by high-volt electrification. Thanks to our development expertise and pioneering spirit, we are all set to become a driving force in this sector too,” Kumar said.

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