TAITRA organises Taiwan Automobile Manufacturing Forum

In a bid to support the automotive manufacturing cluster in Chennai, the Taiwan Trade External Development Council – TAITRA has organised an industrial trade seminar on ‘Taiwan Automobile Manufacturing Forum; in Chennai on 14th June, 2018. The objective of the programme is to support the need for advanced manufacturing that has been the forte of this region.

Officials from TAITRA, leading Indian automobile companies and many corporate heads have participated in this seminar. There were speakers from Taiwan companies like SEYI, Palmary, G-Shank, YCM and FFG MAC, deliberating on their company’s capabilities in offering solutions to the automotive industry.

India is the 5th largest car manufacturing and production country in the world. As modern machine tools and advanced manufacturing technology begin to play a more critical role in manufacturing high-precision car parts, increasing efficiency and intelligent management in automobile manufacturing, thorough evaluation and selecting the right machine-tool partner have become even more important for automobile manufacturers and their related supply chains.

Currently, Taiwan is fifth largest exporter of machine tools in the world. With its host of advanced metal processing and manufacturing technology and rich international service experience, Taiwan has gained trust and credibility by world renowned automobile manufacturers and has proved itself to become a reliable partner in the world.

Dave Tsai, Director, TAITRA Chennai said, “As the Indian automobile manufacturing market becomes more competitive, the innovative technology required is becoming more important. So we at TAITRA organise these kinds of seminars and creating new platforms to increase  more trade between Taiwanese & Indian companies.”

India has been one of the major importers of Taiwanese-made machine tools. In fact, Taiwan is the fourth largest importer of machine tools in India, while India’s procurement market from Taiwan has experienced robust growth throughout the year. Regarding exports of machine tools from Taiwan to India, its total volume was 45% higher in the first four months of this year than the same period last year. It reflects Taiwan’s competitive research and development abilities to produce quality products that meet the strict requirements of Indian buyers.

Many leading Taiwan manufactures of Precision Stamping, Press Machines, CNC machines and Grinder machines demonstrated their latest metalworking technologies and shared how they could help their clients to create value-added smart manufacturing solutions for future advancement in this seminar.



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