Deven Lokagariwar is the new President of MaPlan USA

Indian origin Deven Lokagariwar is the new President of Maplan Changzhou Rubber Machinery Company Limited effective July 15, 2018, for its North American operations. Lokagariwar joined Maplan in 2016 to help the company to set up the facility in Changzhou, China. Earlier, he was with Kloeckner Desma Machinery. He worked for two decades with the company before joining Maplan.

Deven succeeds Pat Hook, who has been with the company for 30 years. Hook retires in summer 2018.

“My goal will be to help the company with a larger internal target of ’30-20-10′, that is $30 million in sales in Europe, $20 million in the US and $10 million in Asia by 2020. The US number means doubling the current sales in the region. Mainly, decisions were made in America, but the machines were going to Mexico, China. Now, expect manufacturing to come back to the US, and we have to prepare ourselves for that. We will have machines installed in the US more and more,” Deven said.
Lokagariwar will lead the US from the South Elgin Branch and eventually will oversee operations across Central America and South America.

Deven Lokagariwar holds an Engineering Degree in Polymer Technology& Polymer Processing from Maharashtra Institute of Technology. He also holds an MBA in Business Administration, Marketing and International Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.

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