Continental provides technical services to two & three wheelers

Continental offers a broad range of technical services for small engine two and three-wheeled vehicles. Large-volume markets like India and China are implementing stricter exhaust gas and safety regulations for many different vehicle categories and demanding customised, flexible and specific solutions, especially for single-cylinder vehicles in displacement classes below 150 cubic centimetres (ccm). Two-wheel vehicle experts at Continental are focused on technical solutions for engine and exhaust gas management for a clean environment and on offering added safety for drivers of two-wheeled vehicles through highly functional assistance systems.

“We offer a wide range of pragmatic solutions that are both simple and effective,” says Torsten Bellon, manager of Injection Systems for the 2-Wheelers & Powersports business unit at Continental.

Continental offers a specific fuel supply unit for single-cylinder engines up to 150ccm and its newest generation of fuel injectors also includes a specific space-optimized injector option (Deka 10 injectors) for two-wheeled vehicle engines.

In the emission clean-up area as well, the focus is on using technology in new and clever ways to generate the best possible efficiency and fulfil diverse market and customer demands. The position of the catalyst, its cell density and the use of structured foils in the metal substrate play a key role in determining efficiency – including from an economic standpoint, says the company.

“Technology transfer allows smaller, motorized two-wheeled vehicles to benefit from achievements in mobile safety technology in ARASTM advanced rider assistance systems. Blind Spot Detection monitors the blind spot, a new feature for the commuter vehicle class. The one-channel ABS MiniMAB offers a great amount of additional safety by ensuring the front wheel doesn’t lock up, avoiding a crash. The MiniMAB was developed specifically for cost-sensitive markets like Asia with a focus on scooters and motorcycles. From one-channel ABS for scooters and light motorcycles to the Motorcycle Integral Brake System that also offers such enhanced features as a sport and off-road ABS, optimized curve braking or Motorcycle Hold & Go,” said Continental in a statement.

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