Continental’s Amata plant celebrates 10 years

Continental’s Amata City, Thailand plant is celebrating 10 years of existence. The Continental Powertrain division’s Engine Systems business unit produces high-tech systems for modern diesel engines at the plant – piezo injectors and high-pressure injection pumps that are supplied to customers in Thailand, China, Europe, and South America. These systems require high-precision material machining with production tolerances of less than one micrometer (one-thousandth of a millimeter) and the final assembly is carried out under clean-room conditions. Around 500 employees work at the plant.

“With our plant in Amata City, we are extremely well positioned in this market – both geographically and strategically,” says Wolfgang Breuer, Executive Vice President of the Engine Systems business unit. “Diesel engines make up an almost 50 percent share of the passenger car and light commercial vehicle market in this region. And although the pollutant-emission regulations are getting stricter here as well, the diesel market share is holding steady.”

For Modern diesel engines, which can be found in vehicles such as SUVs and vans, the automotive supplier offers pioneering solutions with its portfolio of piezo injector systems and high-pressure pumps producing up to 2,500 bar.
“Many of our employees have been with us from day one,” says Dr. Patrick Schmitt, General Manager of the plant. “In addition to this loyalty, our workforce also demonstrates a very high level of dedication – and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their commitment.”

End of 2017, the Continental plant became the first company in Thailand to receive the 5S Best in the Class certificate, further proof of the high levels of motivation among its employees. The 5S method is based on the Kaizen workplace philosophy of continuous improvement and aims to involve the entire workforce in creating a working environment that allows them to attain optimal quality and efficiency. Despite a relatively short implementation phase of just seven months, the site was awarded 98 percent of the total possible points in the final audit by the Kaizen Institute.

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