Toyota launches eco-friendly car cleaning solution

Toyota Kirloskar Motor has launched an environment-friendly car cleaning solution, thus reducing the water consumed for washing cars through their new Eco Car Wash service. This eco initiative essentially supports to maximise the reduction of water utilisation to an extent of 95 percent for every single car cleaned at Toyota’s service outlets.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor was the first in the industry to introduce Eco Car Wash in the year 2014. Till date, 100 plus dealerships have adopted this eco concept of the car wash to offer best-in-town vehicle servicing experience to its customers in the region. Toyota has developed video manuals and standard operating procedures to train the technicians on this unique car wash technique, offering quality service while achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction.

The company remains committed on the vision of greener tomorrow and have announced long-term eco-initiatives towards the society and environment through their Global Environment Challenge 2050 which is in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Out of the total 17 challenges, 12 are directly linked to the six environmental challenges declared by Toyota. Toyota India is declared as the ‘Model Plant’ leading two of Toyota’s Environmental Challenges 2050, in the Asia Pacific region [out of 6 global environmental challenges], representing Zero CO2 emission plant and minimum water consumption.

Commenting on the eco-concept service at dealerships, N Raja, Deputy Managing Director – Toyota Kirloskar Motor, said: ” At TKM, eco-initiatives have always been the top priority. In progression with India’s ‘National Water Mission’, we have been steadily implementing desirable measures towards conservation of water, taking the local operational needs into account. We, at Toyota, have adopted varied methodologies to effectively minimize the water consumption and usage of recycled water in our manufacturing operations, while ensuring lower impact on groundwater levels.”

In addition to the reduction in water consumption, this eco method of car washing at our service outlets helps to avoid possible contamination of soil channels that occurs with the use of alkaline solutions in shampoos under conventional car wash. The ECO wash method of cleaning cars consumes just about five percent of the water as compared to the traditional car wash.

Going forward, TKM plans to expand the eco-car wash to its other service dealerships, as a part of their green initiative with a view to outreach larger number of customers availing this eco-service and contribute to enhanced water savings. On freshwater consumption, 92.8 percent of TKM’s water demand for manufacturing is met by rainwater harvesting and recycled water. The purchased fresh water consumption in overall manufacturing is only at 7.6 percent.

By 2025, TKM aims to be SURPLUS on the water with ZERO fresh water consumption at the plant, while also focusing to cater to the local community water requirements with such surplus water generation through rainwater harvesting and other water conservation methodology adopted at our manufacturing facility.

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