ARC 2018 calls for superior quality retreaded tyres

The second Asian Retread Conference – ARC 2018 – concluded on a positive note, highlighting the need to ensure tyre safety through superior quality retreaded tyres. The two-day conference held on October 2-3 at Sime Darby Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, brought together over 130 delegates from across the world. There were 22 speakers – experts from tyre retreading industry – who made presentations covering several key aspects that impact retreading.

The support from the Ministry of Road Transport and also the Malaysian Rubber Board increased the profile of the conference. Deputy Minister of Transport YB Dato Kamarudin Jaffar delivered the Opening Address, highlighting the relevance of ARC and also the important steps the Ministry is taking to ensure road safety, where the quality of tyres, both new and retreaded, play a vital role.

He said: “Tyre failures may be the result of a variety of reasons, such as poorly manufactured new tyres and/or improper maintenance of these tyres. In the case of retreaded tyres, these failures may occur as casing failure due to the poor inspection of worn tyres and/or thrown treads caused primarily by poorly retreaded tyres. MoT (Ministry of Transport) believes that retreaded tyres are generally safe when manufactured properly and in compliance with the Malaysian MS224 Standard. This Standard refers to the specification for Retreaded Pneumatic Rubber Tyres for Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles.”

YB Dato Kamarudin Jaffar pointed out that since November 2007, it is a legal requirement in Malaysia for retreads to be manufactured according to the MS224 standard. “As a result of the introduction of this Standard, there has been a considerable improvement in the quality, integrity, and performance of retreaded tyres which, at the very least, are on par with those of new tyres,” he added.

Dato Dr Zairossani Mohd Nor, Director General of Malaysian Rubber Board, inaugurated the conference and delivered the Presidential Address. It was David Stevens, Tire Retread and Repair Information Bureau (TRIB), USA, who delivered the Keynote Address, in which he spoke about the current status of world tyre retreading industry.

ARC 2018, a joint initiative of Asian Business Media (ABM) and Epic Fresh, Malaysia, in association with TRIB, USA, is organized by Tyre Asia. The popular tyre magazine. The theme was Better, Faster, Cheaper. Across five technical sessions chaired by leading experts from the industry, presenters dealt with all areas of tyre retreading. The panel discussion focusing on Issues and Possible Solutions for the Retread Industry saw a highly interactive session where the members of the panel as well as delegates engaged in debating key issues. The exhibition area outside the conference hall saw 14 booths of leading international companies related to tyre retreading as well as agencies, associations and media related to the industry.

Dato Mohamed Ishak bin Abdul Hamid, Chairman of ARC, said in his Closing Address: “The retread industry continues to be under threat from cheaply imported tyres and it must respond. As the saying goes “Old ways will not open New doors.” New innovative ways need to be devised and implemented to unlock new opportunities.
“Quality, Productivity and Cost-effectiveness are vital for its continual survival. New investments are needed to employ cutting-edge technology, in equipment and manufacturing processes such as robotics, as we heard yesterday, to enable the making of modern retreaded tyres better, greener and produced faster, with greater efficiency and at a reduced cost.”
MRB was the Corporate Sponsor of ARC 2018. Eversafe and Elgi were Co-Sponsors and Tyresoles Supporter. First Day Lunch was sponsored by VMI Group, Tea and Coffee Sponsor Eastern Treads and Lanyard Sponsor Struktol.

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