Ashok Leyland launches its first eBus ‘Circuit-S’

Ashok Leyland has unveiled its first electric bus-Circuit-S, powered by SUN Mobility’s swappable Smart Battery. Ashok Leyland and SUN Mobility entered into a partnership in July 2017. The Circuit- S, India’s First Swap Battery Bus which is designed for Indian conditions with seating capacity ranging from 25 – 35, runs on easily swappable, smart batteries that are small and 1/4th the weight of a regular Li-ion battery. The “refuelling/swapping” of its electric bus in under four minutes was displayed at the event.

“Our vision is to transform public transportation by designing, developing, and marketing a breakthrough, the India-specific solution that makes our city buses emission-free, cost-effective and scalable. We have been able to bring this unique, world-class solution to market within seven months of partnership with SUN Mobility. The Circuit-S bus will cost lesser, would require minimal maintenance owing to lesser moving parts, will be lighter owing to a smaller battery pack and most importantly, it will have zero tailpipe emissions,” said Vinod K Dasari, Managing Director, Ashok Leyland.

“The future of public mobility is undoubtedly electric. The SUN Mobility way combines smart batteries, quick interchange stations, clean energy – all linked to a smart network that for the first time brings truly disruptive innovation to the part of Urban Mobility that has the greatest impact on the way people commute. Partnering with a market leader like Ashok Leyland, we have been able to bring to life, mass mobility solutions that are customized for India’s widespread public transportation needs,” said Chetan Maini, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, SUN Mobility.

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