Asian PowerTrain Conference To Spot Challenges, Explore New Chances

Asian PowerTrain Conference (APC), the first thematic event to be organised by AutoParts Asia, will be held at The Hyatt Regency, Chennai, on November 15 and 16, 2018.
The Theme of the conference is: Challenges in powertrain Development to meet new Regulations, save Energy and reduce Emissions.
This conference is timely and important for many reasons. Powertrain is the heart of any vehicle and its efficiency reduces the cost of ownership and peration of personal or commercial vehicles. The internal combustion (IC) engine in its 130 years of performance history has not gone beyond 60 ercent efficiency. Hydrocarbon resources are —falling. The emissions from IC engines have gone sky-high, triggering climate change. Effective modifications to the IC engine to make it consume and emit less, and development of alternative means of propulsion, are among the possibilities before the scientists and engineers striving to find a way to save fuel and the environment. The scope for all this is immense. Research and development works on innovative solutions that are being carried out all over the world. AutoParts Asia is taking the lead to bring people engaged in the diverse aspects of this development to a single platform.
The two-day event aims to spot the challenges, explore new chances and to draw a roadmap for the powertrain of the future in eight brainstorming Technical Sessions. They are: Fuel Injection Management; Optimising Thermal Management; Challenges In Designing And Developing Nextgen IC Engines; Role Of After-treatment In Accomplishing BS VI; Alternative Propulsion – Relevance To Emerging Markets; Role Of Transmission In Optimising Overall Efficiency; Role Of Electronics In New Generation IC Engines; and Contribution Of IT And Software In Design, Development And Manufacturing Of Powertrain.
The Special address at the Inaugural session of the conference will be delivered by Mr Miron Thoms. Head, Volvo Penta India, and the Keynote Address will be by Dr V Sumantran, Chairman, Celeries Technologies, and the co-author of the book, ‘Faster, Smarter, Greener – the Future of the Car and Urban Mobility.’

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