Avtec Displays BS-VI,EV-ready Products At Components Show

By Sharad Matade:

Avtec, an independent manufacturer of powertrain and precision-engineered products in India, showcased its products, capabilities and preparations for BS-VI and electric vehicles (EV) at Auto Expo 2018-Components.
Avtec displayed an electric drive unit, designed and developed by its subsidiary, ASSAG, Switzerland, for pedelec or a pedal electric cycle. The electric drive unit has power rating of 250-450W with 8 to 10 magnets, and 3.2/6.4Nm speed. The key feature of the electric drive unit is its low noise level, and less wear and tear due to high grade plastic face gears. “The company is going to patent the faced-gear technology. The electric drive unit has been developed for one of our European customers. However, this can be customized and adopted for electric two-wheeler applications,” an official of the company said.
Avtec displayed a 1.2 litre petrol engine and a 1.5 litre diesel engine, which are BS-VI compliant and suitable for small passenger cars and compact SUVs. The Euro-VI complaint 1.2 litre petrol engine for passenger cars is 1198cc, weighs 100kg and has three cylinders, and maximum torque of 230Nm @1500RPM. Having 1498cc the 1.5 litre diesel engine has four cylinders and maximum torque of [email protected] RPM. This Euro-VI compliant diesel engine is for passenger cars.
The company is in talks with OEMS to supply these engines. “We supply to OEMs in India, and they in turn supply their vehicles with our aggregates outside India. However, we are looking at possibilities to supply complete aggregates to global OEMs,” the official said.
Avtec also displayed future generation gear boxes and transaxle for passenger cars. “We have on display gear boxes for light and small commercial vehicle applications. The transaxle we have displayed here is ideal for BS-VI ready petrol and diesel engines. It’s a six plus one transaxle and delivers 250Nm torque, which is a little higher in that segment and much more efficient than the current gear boxes,” the company official said.
The displayed transmission has five forward and one rear manual gears having direct or cable gear shifting. The transmission is used for small and light applications. Having manual cable type gear shifting, the displayed transaxle has features of triple cones on 1st and 2nd speed and bush bearings for free rotating gears.
The company also displayed a gear box, designed and developed at its Tech Centre in Hosur, for metro rail applications. The company has completed trial and field trails are being conducted. “Since it is a high-end gear box for metro rail applications, testing takes a long time,” the official said.

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