BEDA Flow Systems Supplies German Fluid Tech Products In India

By Pramod Thomas

BEDA Flow Systems, part of the Germany-based Fluid Technology Group, Echterhage Holding, distributes in India specialised products for providing solutions for fluid technology – from hydraulic components to flow measurement devices, special pumps to permanent magnetic couplings. The company is engaged in sales, supply and service of these products.

The Noida-based BEDA Flow Systems provides customisation, efficiency, high-quality and reliability in its solutions. “The migration from BS-IV to BS-VI will give more power to the R&D team in the automotive industry,” Raghav R Das, Technical Director, told AutoParts Asia.

Currently, the sales and servicing activities are carried out from Noida across India. The company wants to expand its focus on South India and plans to set up a facility in South India in the upcoming years. The R&D and testing groups of Mahindra, Hero, Maruti etc have been among its major clients. It has been expanding to other OEMs as well.

“Our focus is to provide hassle-free systems for long-term life and stability of products. We are looking for inter-connected products and for improving the existing products portfolio. We also want to update our customers about new-upgrades and upcoming technologies. BEDA Flow Systems works closely with the customers from the initial inquiry through development, construction, installation and commissioning.

Based on the technical data, we provide innovative solutions for the demanding applications of the highest quality within the shortest possible development time. We had great opportunities for R&D and upgradation projects with Hero, Honda, Suzuki, TVS, Caterpillar for in-house product development. For testing applications, we have long-term relations with Brakes India, Chasis brakes, Rexroth group etc.. Since the Japanese & European machinery is coming in large numbers to India, it gives a good reference for us.Our products are represented in more than 44 countries worldwide and are well reputed with global OEMs.” Das said.

He added that the automotive industry demands high level of accuracy and the likely chance of repeatability-error with BEDA Flow testing equipment can be optimized to only 0.05 percent.

BEDA Flow supplies technically advanced products of the companies like VSE Volumentechnik, Beinlich Pumpen, HBE and DST. It also supplies products of its partner Rotary Power ( British Engines group) and provides pressure monitoring solutions from Suco and ESI.
“In India, we are a competent local partner, both for the standard devices and for the customer-specific solutions according to client requirements. BEDA Flow Systems offers high-precision flow measurement technology as well as high-performance pumps, permanent magnetic couplings and all types of hydraulic components for the most diverse of industry sectors. The Germany-designed and engineered component lines are installed worldwide in technical process technology plants in the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, ink, food, hydraulic, aerospace, automotive as well as in the components industries,” Das said.

New Mobility Solution

BEDA Flow believes that in Hybrid products everything is automated hence improving efficiency in terms of data accessing is a very crucial part. For this, it provides customisable, efficient, high-quality and reliable products. Measurement solutions for AdBlue-fluid for example, which helps in post-combustion technology treatment for diesel vehicles to reduce harmful emissions of NOx ( nitrogen oxides) and magnetic couplings for pumps & agitators, which enables leak-free permanent transmission of liquids, are some of the high-precision solutions offered by the company.

When asked about the opportunities related to electric mobility, Das said that with electric cars the demand for other key components will increase such as filters. “We have some general products for electric cars as well. Most modern cars are not assembled using welding, rivets, bolts, fasteners etc. It’s all glued together to reduce weight in cars these days. We provide solutions to manufacturers of such special adhesives and glue parts for testing. Normally, these products are in use before the car is made,” he added.

“Any new product which is launched globally will be tested with us. With our own design department, we are able to implement a continuous optimisation process which among others also results in new patents, licenses and certifications. This also means the introduction of new products, systems and services which are realised in individual development and in co-operation with key clients,” Das said.

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