Brand ‘I’

By Antony Powath

Let us face it, we are in a rat race, to be bigger and better than others. In the corporate world, people lose their jobs at the drop of a hat. If you can’t do it, no worries, we have 25 others waiting to take up your job. We are in fear of ‘what we will do if we lose our job, our children’s education, EMI for the car and housing loans etc.’ We tend to forget what the company’s loss is. Obviously, if you are very valuable to the company, and they know it, they will retain you. At the same time nobody should think that he/she is irreplaceable. If you want to create that thinking at least in the mind of your immediate boss that ‘I cannot afford to lose you’ and make your presence felt in a wider circle, you have to create a ‘Brand I.’ Tread that extra step innovatively and make yourself indispensable to the present dispensation.

Until quite recently, people would start and end their career with the same company. Now, if people don’t move after five years, the thinking is ‘what is wrong with him/her.’ Hopping jobs has become the new normal. But a time will come, as in one’s personal life, to stop dating and settle down with one person. The connect with the company is very important to build your brand.

In the automotive industry you find people bouncing around. When they are at a certain level, bouncing will lose steam, and will be confined to the precincts of the same industry. It maybe that they move from a vehicle manufacturer to one of their competitors or, most often, to one of their suppliers.

In different countries and companies the retirement age varies from 55 to 65. If we have not planned right, or just had a bad run of luck, at that age, we will be in a fix. When we draw the balance sheet of our existence the bottom line will be in the red. This will be an irreversible predicament. We are in the last lap. The finishing point is just there. To avoid this, it is necessary to plan and start building your brand from day one of your chosen career. At every stage you should be in touch with your network also.

This is the beauty of exhibitions and conferences. You get to meet your customers as well as your competitors. You will get to smell some helpful news developing in the industry. Companies that do not let their core team to attend such expositions for fear of them getting poached are sadly mistaken. If someone wants to snatch away your key personnel, they will do it somehow. It is for the company to retain the pivots, maybe for a price too high to be preyed upon.

It is important to build one’s brand in the company and stand out in the crowd. This way you will help your company grow and you too will grow with a good brand image and a better price tag!

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