Brose expands presence in powertrain market

Production of first full electric oil pump (eOP) positions Brose as key player in transmission electrification

Brose North America has announced a significant expansion of its presence in the North American powertrain market. Tightened government and industry regulations are requiring automakers to develop products that improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, Brose developed its eOP to deliver the economic benefits offered by a stop-start system without compromising the driveability desired by the North American consumer. Stop-start engine solutions are estimated to increase fuel economy by as much as six percent.

“Brose has truly emerged as a leader in transmission electrification. We used our product knowledge and grasp of market trends to create solutions that are flexible and quick to meet evolving customer needs,” said Richard Illingworth, customer team director of DTA North America. “When combined with the eOP, the stop-start system shuts down the internal combustion engine when stopped in traffic, saving fuel while maintaining transmission oil pressure. The eOP delivers a significant improvement in driveability compared to mechanical methods of maintaining oil pressure.”

To achieve its production goals, Brose North America took advantage of its ’Baukasten’, a modular kit for electric drives and powertrain that enables Brose to offer competitive products for both low-volume and high-volume vehicle programs. The North American eOP solution leverages the ’Baukasten’ to ensure flexibility and fast-to-market development as demands in the highly-dynamic electrified transmission market increase.

North American production of the eOP is slated to begin in 2018 at Brose’s El Marqués, Mexico manufacturing location. El Marqués features a “multi-line” process, maintaining the manufacturing flexibility that allows for production of multiple solutions for different customers on the same line. Brose will produce more than 5 million full stop-start electric oil pumps (eOP) in the next five years.

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