Innovation Incredible

By T Murrali The automotive components industry has been following the growth pattern of its mother industry, the vehicles sector. Since a decade, the suppliers have been involved in developing modules and systems for the vehicle manufacturers. A successful industrial evolution of the suppliers in future will be possible by contributing creatively to the emerging […]

Positive Trends Drive Automotive Industry

The automotive industry as a whole is expected to move up in the current financial year (2016-17). Growth is expected to be in almost all the segments of the industry. This positive trend was identified by a ‘Business Sentiment Survey 2017,’ conducted by ETAuto.  The attempt was to understand how the automotive industry stakeholders view […]

MSXI With Sewells To Transform Auto Retail Into Models Of Future

MSX International (MSXI), a Detroit-based provider of retail solutions to the automotive OEMs, recently acquired the Melbourne-based Sewells Group, strong in sales and dealer profitability domains, to become the largest global provider of retail solutions to the automotive OEMs and dealers. MSXI will extend Sewells Group services to its customers in the Americas and Europe, […]