MSXI With Sewells To Transform Auto Retail Into Models Of Future

MSX International (MSXI), a Detroit-based provider of retail solutions to the automotive OEMs, recently acquired the Melbourne-based Sewells Group, strong in sales and dealer profitability domains, to become the largest global provider of retail solutions to the automotive OEMs and dealers. MSXI will extend Sewells Group services to its customers in the Americas and Europe, […]

Lohia Auto Plans To Enter Africa With Diesel 3-Wheelers

Lohia Auto Industries, the automotive  division of the Lohia conglomerate, is all set to launch its diesel three-wheelers in the African market. Its products, which include electric two-wheelers, electric rickshaws and diesel three- wheelers, are available in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.  Lohia may consider selling the other products also in Africa. “Africa is an unchartered […]

Kids Kalidoscope

It is a known fact that necessity is the mother of invention. Here the paradox is that we do not know what will be the future necessity. The present day aspirations are moving faster. The designers, on their part, relentlessly seek different methodologies and new technologies to make an absolutely brilliant vehicle. But will they […]

ZF Futuristic All The Way

ZF plays  leading role in making the dynamics of tomorrow more safe, comfortable and efficient. ZF takes on responsibility and develops in partnership with automakers complete driveline solutions, which will be perfectly adapted to existing systems. Designing dynamics of tomorrow means designing the future.Therefore requirements for automotive suppliers are growing consistently. Consumption, emission, weight and […]