Impacting Lives Around Is Essential For Business Viability

By Dharmesh Arora Among an increasingly volatile and ambiguous world that is seeing rise in protectionism and slowdown in demand, sustainability is fast turning into a tool that assures long-term success. Turning into an all-encompassing word to define an important strategy that appeals to all stakeholders, sustainability at Schaeffler holds much importance. As a global […]

Meet Present And Future Needs To Thrive

By Thimmaiah Napanda Meritor is making a positive difference in people’s lives through charitable giving, employee contributions and volunteerism. Much of our giving is focused on diversity, education, health and human services and industry. We also believe in good environmental stewardship through the development of products that respect the Earth’s limited natural resources and operations […]

Minimise Footprint To Maximise Handprint

By Georg Graf As a values-based, family-owned technology Group, the corporate goal of Freudenberg is not merely financial success but always involves responsibility for society. Sustainability is closely linked to the Group’s values and principles. One of the values of our company founded in 1849 is responsibility. We demonstrate responsibility through our commitment to health, […]

Creating Value Through Sustainability, Social Responsibility

By Tan Mei Ling*: In today’s evolving world of climate change, depleting natural resources, economic uncertainty and inequality, the onus is on leading corporations to become responsible global citizens by improving the social and environmental conditions of the societies they serve. More than just a series of abstract philosophical principles, Bridgestone’s commitment to global sustainable […]

Sustainability Is Right, And Good For All

By Christophe Dominiak*: In today’s global marketplace, sustainability directives and technological advancement are mutually achievable initiatives for supporting economic development and improved quality of life. This expectation is reflected in numerous plans for growth, including the establishment of the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), the adoption of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, […]

Sustainability Is Future Viability

By Jochen Stallkamp*: Climate change, scarcity of resources and environmental protection are some of the greatest challenges facing the society today. The BMW Group has been among the top-rated companies in major sustainability rankings for many years and rules the roost in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the Carbon Disclosure Project. In order to […]