Vision That Sees Disruption

By T Murrali On 12th August 111 years ago a ‘disruptive’ methodology called mass production and assembly operations changed the way a car was manufactured. The first Ford Model T car was built and assembled on that day. The question, “Is it time for another major disruption in automobile production?” has had been relevant for […]

Patents In Autonomous Mode!

By T Murrali Recently I had the opportunity to travel in an autonomous car in Paris, courtesy Valeo. The drive was very interesting and intuitive, maybe because of the convergence of digitalisation’s high profile applications. Reports say this technology has over 1,200 patents registered by key industry players between 2012 and 2016. Surprisingly, more than […]

Multiple Lines Multiply Features

By T Murrali Every passing day ends with several new developments. Of late the whole world is working on to relegate the thrill of driving to the car itself. In pursuit of this, Jaguar Land Rover is inspiring the next generation of software engineers to service the demand for writing software codes for autonomous mobility. […]

Autonomic Solutions For Autonomous

By T Murrali The uniqueness of cars that were unveiled at the recently-concluded Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) made it one of the best events that automotive enthusiasts could recall in recent years. The most spectacular among them to draw the attention of the media and visitors was Pininfarina Battista, the world’s first pure electric […]

Innovations For Safer Mobility

By T Murrali: After the December-January holidays, several corporates greeted the New Year with announcements on innovative projects and proposals related to new and safer mobility. One of the major new initiatives is the joint venture of two global automotive giants, BMW Group and Daimler AG, to provide sustainable urban mobility. They are pooling their […]

Innovations Galore!

By T Murrali: I was at the IAA 2018 show in Hannover recently and it appeared as a hot spot of innovative technologies. You will see details about many of them in the Cover Story of this edition. I was surprised to know that the automotive industry accounted for 40 percent of all new patent […]