Continental offers training courses for power transmission technology

Continental offers a comprehensive program of training courses on all aspects of power transmission technology and belt drives for workshops and technical staff working for aftermarket parts dealers. The program has now been completely revised and extended from three modules to eight.

“In light of the products’ increasing complexity, it is becoming more and more important to offer appropriate services and deliver technical know-how,” says Rolf Sudmann, head of aftermarket operations for automotive drive belts.

The existing program of sales courses and theoretical and practical technical courses has now been supplemented with modules on the guarantee, theoretical and practical train-the-trainer sessions plus trainers’ and mechanics’ clubs. The purpose of the clubs is to provide the members with regular updates on new products and features and offer them a platform where they can share experience across different markets.

“Complaints are becoming ever more comprehensive and specialized – and not every allegedly damaged timing belt should be covered by the guarantee. We, therefore, use a lot of practical exercises to teach people about the statutory regulations. Instead of listening to long lectures, people attending our technical training courses can practice changing belts for themselves on special training engines,” says Stefan Meyer, a technical trainer at Continental.

In Germany, around 100 Continental training courses are run annually, with up to 1,700 attendees.

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