Continental refines its VDO TIS-Web software

Continental has extended the services of its proven fleet management software VDO TIS-Web by adding numerous functions and completely redesigning the user interface. In the future, it will be even easier to get comprehensive fleet information in real time and manage vehicles efficiently – with the new version 2.0 of VDO TIS-Web Motion.

“VDO TIS-Web Motion 2.0 enables us to offer a comprehensive solution to companies in the transport industry which alleviates high-cost pressure and attains a new level of efficiency. The software gives dispatchers for small to mid-size fleets a comprehensive overview of their drivers and vehicles. Along with new planning functions, the developers at Continental VDO TIS-Web Motion have added such features as geofencing and push notifications,” said Dr Lutz Scholten, Director of Tachographs, Telematics and Services at Continental.

With this, the routes of all vehicles can be tracked directly in a map view. For better differentiation, the different trucks can be shown in different colours. When the user clicks a vehicle symbol with the mouse, a popup window appears with detailed information. In addition, filters enable a quick search to find out load capacities or the availability of a driver. In the driver and vehicle overviews, there are practical lists of shift details, remaining driving times and driving and resting times. The data is also retroactively available via the report function. A new translation function further simplifies handling, the company said.

Another highlight feature is geofencing. If the vehicle crosses a preset boundary on the map, a notification automatically appears on the dashboard. This enables transport companies to announce the precise time, to the minute, of when a delivery will arrive. Push notifications are also new. Fleet managers can configure, for themselves, the events they want to trigger notifications. When they receive a notification of a tyre pressure problem, for instance, the problem can be corrected faster. Anticipatory maintenance maximizes operating hours while saving fuel.


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