Continental starts institute for technology and transformation

Continental has founded an institute for technology and transformation. The primary task of the new institute is the qualification of all employees in Germany. The institute’s services cover Industry 4.0, new drive concepts and digitalization.

“As electrification and digitalisation become more widespread, simple tasks are being replaced by more complex tasks that require training. These changes are far-reaching and affect the entire industry. Qualification is therefore only possible through a sensible sharing of the burden: lawmakers, trade unions and companies must all work together,“ said Dr. Ariane Reinhart, Executive Board member for Human Relations. “Above all, the employees also need to play their part. Our institute provides the framework for self-development and maintaining their employability.”

The company uses the Continental Institute of Technology and Transformation (CITT) to actively manage the transformation process currently taking place across the entire automotive industry. The institute was designed in collaboration with the Continental Corporate Works Council, IG Metall and IG Bergbau, Chemie, Energie (Metal, Mining, Chemical and Energy Industries Unions) to secure the long-term employability of employees.

“The qualification of employees is a task of historic proportions. As a company, we bear overall responsibility but cannot implement needs-based qualification alone. To train only 20 percent of our employees in Germany for nine months would cost us one billion euros,“ explains Reinhart.


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