Continental will have 700 AI experts by 2021

Continental plans to increase its team of experts in artificial intelligence (AI) by 2021 from its current figure of approximately 400 employees to around 700 employees. The company wants to increase the usage of artificial intelligence in product development and process automation. The AIR Days (AIR stands for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) are part of the Continental strategy to bolster Continental as a technology company that utilises artificial intelligence in all areas.

“Continental will become an ‘AI-empowered company’. On the product side, we will deploy artificial intelligence to automate mobility. This will make commuting and travelling easier for us all. In process automation, artificial intelligence will make our employees’ work easier. Monotonous tasks will be further automated and relevant information from a huge volume of data will be more identifiable,” explained Demetrio Aiello, Head of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics at Continental.

Experts from ten countries and three continents exchanged ideas, including ideas about the opportunities and potential for AI in Production and Logistics. For example, AI could optimize quality tests at the end of the production line and in the resource planning. This will enable even more refined demand forecasting as well as reduced setup and service times thanks to improved service forecasting. The Continental AI experts are sure that AI systems can contribute to cost reduction as a result, the company said.


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