Continental wins Chinese awards

Continental has received the 2019 China Automobile and Parts ‘Technology Innovation Award’ for its low-odor PVC surface materials. Dr. Jenny Yu, Head of Research and Development (R&D) for Continental’s surface materials in China, won the Automotive Innovation Leadership Award, which recognized her years of dedication to research and development activities and outstanding leadership in the field of material development. Both awards were presented by Automobile & Parts, one of the leading industry magazines in China.

As market demands for more parts that can potentially be smelly, Chinese OEMs have increased their odor standards for automotive parts. With extensive experience in odor reduction, the China technical team of Continental re-adjusted its formula to develop a material that reduces car odor, i.e. the low-odor PVC surface materials.

Odor specialist from the German automotive manufacturer confirms that this new material fulfills all requirements, and is among those with the highest standard in use by the German customer. As a result, Continental succeeded in winning an order for PVC materials for the next two years. The low-odor PVC surface also fulfills technical requirements of low-fogging and high wear-resistance, drawing attention and recognition from Chinese automobile manufacturers.

In May 2019, Continental established a research and development center in China in the Changshu plant in Jiangsu Province to further develop its material expertise according to local Chinese needs. As an expert with more than 30 years of international experience, Yu is responsible for managing the local center of material development respectively the local and global R&D resources, and promoting research and development of new materials as well as products in various business units in China.

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