Continental’s solution for better temperature regulation in engines

Continental has launched components for better temperature regulation in modern engines. The company has released two new kits, while at the same time adding 23 new types to its range of standalone water pumps. These are particularly intended for use in the ancillary drives of modern vehicles, in which the water pump is driven via the multi V-belt.

These regulatable water pumps can dynamically adapt the coolant volumetric flow rate to the vehicle’s operating state at any given moment. That increases the engine’s efficiency and, in doing so, helps cut emissions and fuel consumption.

“We’re resolving this dilemma by means of our thermal management product offensive. At long last, workshops can access premium-quality aftermarket parts that conform to, or even exceed, the manufacturers’ specifications for these components, too,” explains product manager Adrian Rothschild.

The new multi V-belt kit plus water pump from Continental means that mechanics now always have everything they need for that operation immediately to hand. For the first time, therefore, the successful concept of the all-in-one kits plus water pump is also available for the ancillary drive, i.e. with multi V-belts.

The PRO kits plus water pump are also new. Whereas distributors or workshops previously had to buy two different products, they now just need a PRO kit. Apart from the water pump, this contains all the power transmission belts for engines which require one timing belt for the timing gear and another belt, for example, to drive the balancer shaft. In total, more than 30 different PRO kit variants are already available for various vehicle models in Europe. The CT1167WP1 PRO and CT1167WP2 PRO kits are designed for the Volkswagen Group’s EA211 engine family – which makes Continental the only manufacturer to offer an all-in-one solution of this kind for these engines, the company said.

ContiTech’s five-year manufacturer’s guarantee is applicable to all of them.

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