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Technology will play an important role in driving the future of Indian trucking. The technological innovations will be in vehicle design, power and performance, and fuel consumption giving more lifetime profitability for the customer. We, at Eicher, are at the cusp of this huge transformation the commercial vehicle industry is undergoing.
The infrastructure and mining segments account for around 40 percent of the heavy duty (HD) trucks market in India. HD has seen a growth trend in demand since a few years. One of the key growth factors has been the improvement in road infrastructure. With rapid fleet replacement by fleet owners, HD segment has picked up and shown growth ahead of other segments.
High diesel price has impacted fleet owner profitability, leading to demand for more fuel efficient vehicles. There is also demand for vehicles with comfortable and safe cabins so that drivers can drive longer distance daily, leading to better productivity. All these will enable increased prosperity for all stakeholders: owners, operators and drivers.
Through our products, Pro 8031XM and Pro 6025T, we are able to address two critical segments, mining and construction, with earth moving equipment and concrete equipment, respectively. The Eicher Pro Series tippers have been designed and developed in modern and high-tech manufacturing facilities of Pithampur and Hoskote. These next generation tippers provide an unparalleled business advantage by maximising product performance right through the life-cycle of the vehicle, minimising the cost of operations and improving the levels of productivity.

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The new Pro 8031XM is designed and developed in coordination with Volvo Group and is powered by the state-of-the-art VEDX8 engine which is built on Volvo Group’s global platform. Pro 8031XM comes with several class-leading features like Fuel coaching, Eicher Live Telematics, best-in-class cabin and superior performance in terms of productivity and fuel efficiency. One of the innovations in this range is the engine technology from VE Commercial Vehicles – the VEDX5 and VEDX8 engines. The former is a four-cylinder engine designed to deliver the best-in-class fuel efficiency suitable for on road applications while the latter is a six-cylinder engine designed for the different requirements of applications in construction and mining.

Eicher Live

Eicher Live, an advanced Telematics solution for the commercial vehicle industry, is a new technology that is being installed in commercial vehicle fleet.  It is the trucking intelligence that drives profitable fleet management, by monitoring their movement, fuel consumption and maintenance needs.
Eicher Live is available as a company-installed system in the Eicher Pro Series range of trucks and buses: Eicher Pro 8000 and Eicher Pro 6000.  This provides real time dashboard data analytics of the fleet, tracking the most important factors including fuel management and fault identification thus allowing customers to plan maintenance.
Eicher Live’s dynamic intelligence helps maximise productivity and profitability.
Eicher Live has features like Advance Breakdown Assistance, Dynamic Service Reminders and Pro-active Service. The major components of the telematics system are a hardware unit (Telematics Gateway), intelligent vehicle electronic module and a mobile sim card that connects to the Eicher Live hub.
With the government pushing the mandate of smart cities, smart transportation will be an integral part of the driving ecosystem. Services like Eicher Live, and technologically advanced Pro Series, will help the heavy commercial vehicle segment keep pace with the government agenda.

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