Kids Kalidoscope

It is a known fact that necessity is the mother of invention. Here the paradox is that we do not know what will be the future necessity. The present day aspirations are moving faster. The designers, on their part, relentlessly seek different methodologies and new technologies to make an absolutely brilliant vehicle. But will they meet the future needs?
The search for the aspirations of tomorrow begins with the kids of today. The leading global automotive supplier Bosch asked a group of six-year olds, what they will want from their car when they grow up. They gave very fantastic and challenging replies. These kids wanted their cars to be driverless, self-parking and to pick them up when needed.
Most of the kids want their car to be more than just a method of transportation. They want the front seats to turn around to face the back seats and a table in the middle for them to party. It should have a bed for the passenger to rest, while the car will drive on its own to the destination. They will tell the car where to go and that’s it. The car has to download the map from the cloud and take them to the desired destination.
Some of them wanted the seat belt to fasten itself once on board. They need a radar for the car, like the one for the aircraft, to make driving safer. The kids also want their cars to be powered by electricity and be kind to the penguins and polar bears, with less greenhouse gases.
These are wonderful inputs for the system suppliers and vehicle makers to develop cars for the future. This is not a new trend. During one of my trips to Japan a decade ago, a friend who worked for Toyota Motor Corporation said, the company used to study the expectations of children to understand what they wanted in future. The kids then wanted to have control systems in the steering wheel of the cars, like they have in the video games. Soon these things became a reality. The challenge of knowing what we want continues, despite a galaxy of innovations.
Backseat Reminder
The RVS-BLB Brilliant Backseat Reminder System, released by Rear View Safety, the industry leader in the sales and distribution of back-up camera systems, is one of the latest trailblazing innovations that won accolades recently.  This ‘backseat reminder system’ reminds the drivers to take children, pets, or any other valuables from the backseat of the car. Several kids and pets that were left behind in cars have died from heatstroke and this was the driving force for this innovation.
The specialty of the Brilliant Backseat Reminder System is its simplicity. When the driver arrives at the destination and leaves the vehicle, the RVS-BLB activates a moderate audio alarm to remind him about the cargo, if any, in the back seat. If this alarm is not turned off in 40 seconds, the system activates the vehicle’s horn.
Another trailblazer is the new technology that analyses a person’s natural speech to detect and monitor Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders. The innovation was recognised recently as the new technology- deployed artificial intelligence to analyse about 400 variables like pitch, tone, and rate of speech with 85-100 percent accuracy.
Innovations continue. . . .

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