Hengst develops oil filter module for Volkswagen

Specialist for filtration and fluid management Hengst has developed a multifunctional oil filter module for the new VW EA288 Evo 4-cylinder diesel engines from Volkswagen. The weight and flow of this module from Hengst have been optimised to help increase the overall efficiency of the engine. The engine will first be installed as a longitudinal engine in vehicles from Audi. Production of the Hengst’s oil filter module for longitudinal engines started in the third quarter of 2018. The filtration specialist will also supply filter modules for transverse engines, with series production planned to start in 2019.

Hengst SE supplies products, systems and concepts for all aspects of filtration and fluid management – from development to high-tech production. Filters and filter systems, which were developed for the original equipment market, will later be offered on the aftermarket with identical designs. The oil filter element for the new-generation engine from VW will also become available on the independent aftermarket in the course of the next year.

The newly developed module meets all the requirements placed on fluid management of modern diesel engines. The lightweight design combines oil filtration and oil cooling in the tightest of spaces. The flow channel, which has been significantly optimized compared to the previous module, allows for reduced differential pressure, hence lowering the power requirements placed on the oil pump. As a result, the system makes a valuable contribution towards CO2 reduction, Hengst said.

The seventh generation of the cutting-edge Energetic concept is being used for filtration of the engine oil in the VW Evo oil module. The module has an integrated oil drain valve, whereas the internal support frame of the inbuilt filter has been reinforced to withstand very high pressures. The oil filter element is also patent protected. A sealing lock is integrated to prevent the wrong filter being installed.

The VW EA288 Evo 4-cylinder diesel engine is the future standard diesel engine and is set to be installed in all of the group’s passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It has a displacement of 2 liters and will be available with powers of up to 150kW (204 PS). It will be equipped with a 12-volt starter generator making the new TDI engine a mild hybrid. The new EA288 Evo engine complies with all current EU6d-temp standard emissions regulations and is already set for the EU6d emissions standard.

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