India The Next Frontier Of Growth

By Rudi Von Meister
During my first trip to India in 1991, I spent three weeks visiting major  auto component players. At the time, the industry catered only to the domestic market needs but now it has become a major focal point for many of the global auto makers to build their facilities.
The Indian manufacturing industry has accomplished this sea-change thanks to the opening up of the economy and implementation of pro-growth economic reforms. This extraordinary transformation of the industrial landscape that the country is undergoing coupled with necessary focus on infrastructure development encouraged global players to look at the market favorably. ZF recognises the tremedous potential this market has to offer and is gradually growing its footprint in the country.
ZF considered India an import base for sourcing quality products. It has been sourcing products from India for the global product portfolio for some time now. Today, the auto component manufacturers not only have a global exposure but their ever increasing competency and capability has fortified our resolve to triple the sourcing of components from this market.
Apart from the sourcing project, global automotive industry experts consider India to be the next frontier of growth in Asia. Keeping our sight on this forecast, we have a vision to grow along with the market and are ensuring that with each step we move towards strengthening our presence in this region.

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