MAHLE’s LogiqPRO displayed at Automotive Testing Expo

MAHLE will present products in vehicle diagnostics at Stand 8438 in Hall 8 of Automotive Testing Expo 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. At the Expo, the focus will be on MAHLE’s solutions for testing a wide variety of systems. MAHLE’s LogiqPRO system performs the initial programming of control units entirely autonomously during production. Up to 250 functions can be tested simultaneously in under two minutes. Any vehicles showing anomalies are sent to the repair bay, a production area where deviations are corrected, the company said.

“The repair bay is where the strengths of many of our workshop solutions really lie, whether it be in changing fluids, performing an air conditioning service, or calibrating driver assistance systems,” says Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager MAHLE Aftermarket.

MAHLE will be showcasing several of its innovations including the MAHLE TechPRO Digital ADAS calibration tool, which features a digital calibration panel on a flat-screen display. In addition to automatically storing tables for new vehicle types when the system is updated, calibration takes only a few seconds, is straightforward, and is far less demanding in terms of the exact positioning of the vehicle, compared with competing products. The new generation of MAHLE ACX A/C service units will also be exhibited at the stand. The hallmarks of this product include a robust design, simple operation, and intelligent components offering excellent connectivity, MAHLE said.

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